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Wiki help

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Wiki help

  • What can you do with a wiki? Take a tour and use pre-made templates
  • Learn how to use bold, italics, tables, and more: The wiki style page


  • Please note, when linking to other pages on the site, that page titles are case-sensitive.
  • A dotted line underneath a link means that the page has not been created; a solid line means it has been.
  • If you are not sure how wiki editing works, play in the Sandbox first.


Links in classic editing mode


  • [link] Create hyperlink to "link", where "link" can be either an internal Wiki name or an external link (http://)
  • [text|link] Create a hyperlink where the link text is different from the actual hyperlink.


Links in WYSIWYG editing mode


  • Just highlight the text and click on the link button; select the type of link it is and then either add the name of the internal wiki page, or the URL of the external website.


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