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We are the Pagans who have moved on

Page history last edited by Yvonne 14 years, 4 months ago

by Yvonne Aburrow


We are the Pagans who have moved on.

We do not pretend that our traditions stretch back into the mists of time.

We do not use custom or tradition as justification for our actions.

We do not berate the Christians for stealing festivals that our predecessors invented in the 1950s, or for ancient persecutions or wrongs, actual or perceived.

We do not pretend that we know what ancient pagans believed, or thought, or did.

We do not appropriate the culture of others.

We do not leave litter at sacred sites.

We do not hold heterocentric or hierarchical rituals.

We do not pretend to be better than others

- everyone has something to teach, everyone has something to learn.

We do not pretend that we are the holders of arcane secrets.

We do not mistake our personal truth for universal truth.

We do not tell others what they should believe or value or do.


We leave these behind and move on,

not in arrogance, not unaware of tradition’s worth,

not creating new conflicts as bad as the old ones,

or so we hope!


We find the divine in all nature

- in place, and animals, trees and birds, and human beings.

We hold love, compassion to all beings, and wisdom as our highest ideals.

We seek and honour the truth wherever it may be found.

We tread lightly upon the Earth.

We seek to live in peace with all beings.

We seek to cultivate virtues in the garden of our own souls.


We are the Pagans who move on.

(inspired by a meditation by Cliff Reed)

(if you want to copy this to your own site, you are welcome to do so but please retain my authorship and the acknowledgment of Cliff Reed, and link back to this page) 

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