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Unitarian Earth Spirit Network

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... a Unitarian Network of friends and fellow seekers who are linked through a collaborative Network File. Through sharing our insights and beliefs, we aim to restore, inspire and encourage one another by:

  • Revering the totality of the divine reality of nature being revealed to us through the infinite multiplicity of forms and forces.
  • Evolving creative ways of worship for body, mind and spirit.
  • Affirming a Pagan spiritual perspective as being fully compatible with the human quest for self-knowledge and ultimate meaning.
  • Encouraging ways of practical action on social issues which are directly related to a nature-centred faith and philosophy.


-- from Unitarian Earth Spirit Network


See also:

  • Unitarian Universalist Pagans (USA)
  • Paganism 101 - a course by Fritz Muntean and Louise Bunn

       "Today’s Pagans revere the Earth and all its creatures. We see all life as interconnected, and we strive to attune ourselves to the cycles of nature. Our practices are rooted in a belief in immanence – the concept of divinity residing within.

       "The many Modern Pagans who’ve found a home in the Unitarian community are grounding our work in the rational structure, the intellectual balance, and the humanist core values that have descended to us from the Enlightenment. We’re working to develop a religiosity that is entirely compatible with, and complimentary to, modern Unitarian rationality."



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