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Tristram Burden

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Tristram's novel 

  • My Hero: A Wild Boy's Tale

    (finalist in the Project: QueerLit 2006 contest)

    In a post-apocalyptic America, 17 year old Joshua My Hero lives out a humdrum existence, struggling to find truth and sense in his parent's fundamentalist-Christian trailer park. His psychic powers and sexual tastes leave him an outsider of his community. When his father, Joe Hero, suspects Joshua of being gay, he tries to teach Joshua a lesson, but while his father tries to rape him, Joshua commits patricide in a desperate struggle for self-defence. Escaping into a wasted planet, Joshua searches for work, love, intimacy, and answers to the many questions he poses to the universe: armed only with an oracular penis, the patronage of an ancient God sent to rid Planet Earth of all of its ills, and the wisdom of the Tao Teh Ching. Settling in a town called Mortlake, Joshua meets a mysterious foreigner, William D'Reel. And while tragedy after tragedy strikes, Joshua falls victim to a range of ecstatic visions, discovers the mysteries of sex, death, and dreaming, gradually unveiling a secret conspiracy to sell the planet to an extra-terrestrial race which reaches critical mass right where Joshua has decided to find home. During his adventures, he meets Marlow, William's demon servant disguised as an owl; Michael of the Bone, hermaphrodite assassin and conspirator; Alice, an over-sexed but affable teenager; the mysterious Callum, a cyborg and ex-pupil of William D'Reel,who Joshua finds love and hate with. And the giant sorcerer, Moojaffa Marjook, who upon his mountain-top home teaches Joshua the secrets of sorcery, initiating Joshua into the ancient witch-cult that he and William belong to, introducing Joshua to great Baphomet himself...

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