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Questionnaire response 31

Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 9 months ago

1. Name (optional):

2. Age: 36

3. Nationality: American

4. Gender: female

5. How would you explain your path to someone else with no knowledge of it?

Solitary Eclectic who follows Hecate. Basically, I'm a pagan, a nature-worshipper, a believer in 'The Force', like in Star Wars. :)

6. How is your path expressed in practice?

I pray daily, light candles with intent, celebrate solstices, Thanksgiving, and Halloween. Sometimes I do full rituals, but generally only for special occasions. Oftentimes I make sacrifice with foods specific to Hecate, in places specific to her.


7. How do you know if your practice is successful?

It fulfills me spiritually, and in my daily life as well.


8. Why have you chosen the particular path you are following?

After years of ignoring her, I finally broke down and admitted she was the one I was to follow. So, when I say I'm eclectic, that does mean I research other paths, and borrow things that could fit in with my practice (I do not borrow other deities, although I do sometimes include other deities from the Greek and Roman pantheons) with Hecate.


9. What is your experience of otherworld beings? Could you give some examples.

Um,. don't really know how to answer that. I guess I'd have to say that...let's just say I know they're listening when I speak to them, but that I don't necessarily get an answer. But then, I don't necessarily expect an answer, either, so therein may lie the difference.


10. How do you see your relationship with them?

I don't understand the question.


11. How does your path relate to other areas of your life?

Again, I'm not sure I understand the question...paganism is part of my life, period. There's no aspect of it that isn't influenced by it.


12. How do you see the relationship of life and death?

In what manner? They're two sides of the same coin.


13. How do you see time?

Past, present, and future are now.


14. How do you handle ideas of good and evil?

I believe people are chaotic, and that evil only exists in the souls of humans.


15. How do you view different spaces and objects in your practice or experience?

I'm not Wiccan, nor do I follow any particular path, so what's important to my and my practice is whatever I have handy. Therefore a stone is just as relevant as a kitchen knife, a crystal no more or less than black sand. Everything I use in ritual is practical, although I like to look at the expensive items in the pagan shops!


16. How do you feel about other religions?

As long as they're not bothering me, to each their own. I don't like the Judeo-Christian fanatics, and feel particularly wary of Muslims. I'd like to be, but, these are the times we live in. Besides, I'm an American living in Britain, I can't be too careful!


17. How do you feel about science?

Love. It. If I weren't so crap at math I'd probably have gone into either Geology or Archeology. I read New Scientist every week, and enjoy learning about science in general, even when I don't necessarily understand it /quantum mechanics.


18. How do you feel modern Paganisms relate to ancient paganisms?

The spirit is there, the practice is different. For my own path, there's very little known about Hecate and how she was worshipped, so I kind of have to make it up out of what I do know of Greek and Roman practice, as well as putting my own spin on things.

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