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Questionnaire response 30

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1. Name (optional):


2. Age: 46


3. Nationality: eurasian


4. Gender: female


5. How would you explain your path to someone else with no knowledge of it?


I adhere to Pagan Philosophies of Buddhism because of familial associations, I also study Yoga but before all I am a Goddess worshipper. I do study Norse magic and eclectic Wicca because they are the chosen religion of my partner. I am a Goddess worshipper with interest in religions with established Goddesses in them I eschew Patriarchal religions no comparable female goddesses to male gods


6. How is your path expressed in practice?


Prayer Meditation physical exercise good works alms and spell work only for self improvement or healing; no of asking financial gain, to give back or the change oneself only.


7. How do you know if your practice is successful?


I have changed personally, politically and emotionally all for the better and so much differently than I was indoctrinated as a Child Thank Goddess


8. Why have you chosen the particular path you are following?


Whenever I have stayed true to my feminism and Goddess worship I have stayed true to myself my soul my divinity and only good has come of it.


9. What is your experience of otherworld beings? Could you give some examples.


The Gods introduced themselves in my life not the other way around I do not look for omens but I pray for change and it happens.


10. How do you see your relationship with them?


I am a servant and employee of the Gods they supervise me and teach me what my job is in the ultimate reality it is them helping me to grow-up the Great Mother is simply mother love personified I am a child of hers. With Her Around I am not an Orphan


11. How does your path relate to other areas of your life?


It is hard when there is discrimination not being able to wear a pentacle being a target for missionaries. It is hard when so called friends smirk when you tell them your spiritual path. I find it hard when so-called liberals tell me it does not matter what sex god is when they never spent a moment of their life worshipping The Great mother and have never had to explain their belief in Her to a hostile patriarchal society that views you as a nit picking femi-nazi. and women are the worst in practicing this bit oppression feeling superior that they can call God He and not be bothered by it because they have never really examined their own misogyny.


12. How do you see the relationship of life and death?


I do not know the why to be honest I know all the religious answers to the question and none of them is the complete truth. I do not believe except for the enlightened anyone Knows the relationship of life and death on earth. I think the enlightened tells only that much of the truth about life and death that we can understand being unenlightened


13. How do you see time?


I do not view time as a river flowing to the of end existence. I view it as layered one coexisting as another constantly eddying into itself much more chaotic than static.


14. How do you handle ideas of good and evil?


I believe in ethics and I believe to be and ethical person one must educate oneself. I do not mean book smart. TO be ethical or good one must educate and discipline in matters concerning gutwrenching emotion and lack of compassion. I view prejudice a great evil yet I must continually fight my intolerance of Illegal aliens and certain religions.

I believe evil is taught and arises when one is too lazy or enthralled with childhood indoctrination rise above it. It easier to live with familial ignorance than to throw it off and learn to think.


15. How do you view different spaces and objects in your practice or experience?


I like to clear any place I meditate and visualize cleansing. I do not view evil as a natural state of being so I do not believe in possession of people, place and things by evil and view exorcism as the abuse of the mentally ill by religion. I do believe events and strong human or animal emotional reaction can inbed itself in the earth especially areas of earth with limestone deposits. So it is good to cleanse a working area and free up any negativity left by past events.


16. How do you feel about other religions?


I am at times very opinionated my husband needs to remind me that I left that religion behind it did not reject me I need let go of hurt anger. Other religions I was taught to hate as part of my indoctrination in my mother's religion../ That religion I must be careful not to view negatively because of intolerant education.


17. How do you feel about science?


some day science will explain Magick And esp and paranormal and some occult happenings and the explanation will be so simple we will hit ourselves on the head and be amazed but it will never explain everything esoteric and supernatural. Those explanations will come through experience.


18. How do you feel modern Paganisms relate to ancient paganisms?


I feel that ancient Pagans get a bum -rap because modern religions can only justify bloody excesses by demonizing their old competition to justify pogroms and inquisitions. I believe in the right political climate the same thing can happen to modern pagans so it is the responsibility of every modern pagan to be a political animal. European Jews learned from the Holocaust that to be without political power and a minority religion is a death sentence in chaotic times. Pagans need to learn these lessons from the Jews and fight political battles for all oppressed minorities.

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