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Questionnaire response 26

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1. Name (optional): James Walls


2. Age: 29


3. Nationality: UK


4. Gender: male


5. How would you explain your path to someone else with no knowledge of it?


I'm a pagan, it's a natural earth based belief system, the main difference being that you have a God whereas I have a God and a Goddess. It's about harmony and balance. It's a very peaceful relaxed belief system which works for me.


6. How is your path expressed in practice?


I pray / commune / ask guidance from my God and Goddess a lot more often than when I was a Christian, I don't only think of them when I "want something" some nights I just say a little thank you to them for being there and watching over me


7. How do you know if your practice is successful?


How do you know if any practise is succesful?

All I do know, is that I have never been happier since becoming a Pagan, I feel at peace, more centered and content. That to me means it is working


8. Why have you chosen the particular path you are following?


It has been something I was always interested in, but after finding out a friend of mine was a Pagan, I was able to find out more information about it which coressponded to everything I had already believed in without knowing it so to speak


9. What is your experience of otherworld beings? Could you give some examples.


I'm not entirely sure I understand the question.

When I became aware of having a God and a Goddess, I read that some people like to name them after Ancient Gods, whereas some people prefer to keep them nameless. Having an interest in Celtic history I started reading about the "myths and legends" and discovered a God and a Goddess who were brother and sister and whose attributes were very close to my own. Ever since then I have named my God and Goddess after these two Celtic Gods


10. How do you see your relationship with them?


I am dedicated to them, I see them as my friends, my protectors and my Gods. In times of crisis I ask them for guidance, in times of joy I thank them. It is no different to any other spiritual belief, except I have the male and the female


11. How does your path relate to other areas of your life?


It doesn't really, I'm proud of being a Pagan, and when people ask me what religion I am I tell them, but that is it, it is still a private thing for me as well


12. How do you see the relationship of life and death?


Mmmmmm, this is a toughie, I'm not entirely sure I believe in reincarnation, some days I do, some days I can't get my head round it. Personally I believe when we die we do move on to Heaven, or Valhalla or the Otherworld whichever you want to call it, I think they are the same thing


13. How do you see time?


I look at my watch HA HA HA, sorry couldn't resist it. I don't see time any differently to do with Paganism so I'm not sure I can answer this


14. How do you handle ideas of good and evil?


It is within us all. One of the reasons I was drawn to the Pagan belief was that it doesn't see the God / Goddess as infallible. It recognises the good and evil in all of us. We are all responsible for our personal and spiritual growth and this determines our behaviour. If I get drunk and make a tit out of myself I can't blame the alcohol I have to blame myself. This goes for good and evil, we make the decision how we act and we have to accept the consequences for it.


15. How do you view different spaces and objects in your practice or experience?


I do wear a pentagram ring and necklace now, and I have an altar in my room, but that is the only differences


16. How do you feel about other religions?


I think they are great, at teh end of the day I think it is important to have faith in something, no matter what that something is. If it isn't the same as mine than great, but don't judge me cos I'm sure as hell not going to judge you. Oh and please don't tell me your religion is the only right one, thats just arrogance


17. How do you feel about science?


Fascinated by it, who wouldn't be.


18. How do you feel modern Paganisms relate to ancient paganisms?


Interesting question.... A lot of modern paganism is pagan by name only, but to be honest I see that as the same for most religions today. Things change and evolve. I think that if Paganism had continued to grow on a mainscale and continued to be the major religion it would probably have grown to what we have now.

We have to remember the differences of then and now though, we aren't all country dwellers reliant on the seasons for our livlihood, but it still does affect us to a lesser scale. Times have changed and religion has to evolve, personally I think Paganism has more so than other religions

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