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Questionnaire response 25

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1. Name (optional): Jeremy Newson


2. Age: 55


3. Nationality: British


4. Gender: male


5. How would you explain your path to someone else with no knowledge of it?


If asked, I generally refer to myself as "Pagan" and tell people that I believe that all natural things contain a spark of the ultimate creative source and are therefore sacred. I explain that one can, if one wishes, "personalise" these sparks to form individual Gods and Goddesses. I basically regard myself as an animist. I will sometimes (if pressed) refer to myself as "A Witch" and explain that this basically means using magic within the context of my religious beliefs.


6. How is your path expressed in practice?

Largely inside my own head but sometimes through ritual or ceremony if working with others.


7. How do you know if your practice is successful?

Things happen or they don't.


8. Why have you chosen the particular path you are following?

I didn't. It chose me :-) Okay, I read a book that "spoke" to me. I followed it up and read more books. Then I started to meet people largely by what seemed to be coincidence. I was effectively "led" by something that seemed to want me to be there. I just went along with it :-)


9. What is your experience of otherworld beings? Could you give some examples.

I'm sorry but genuinely I can't answer this question. I just "know" that they exist and when they are around which is (for me) most of the time.


10. How do you see your relationship with them?

Like older brothers and sisters with an element of equality


11. How does your path relate to other areas of your life?

It is part and parcel of who I am, therefore it impacts on all aspects of my life


12. How do you see the relationship of life and death?

Two sides of the same coin.


13. How do you see time?

Yesterday, today and tomorrow.


14. How do you handle ideas of good and evil?

As objectively as possible given that I am a human being. What are "good"and "evil" anyway?


15. How do you view different spaces and objects in your practice or experience?

As stage props


16. How do you feel about other religions?

I have no problem with other religions unless or until they start interfering with one another or with me. I reject entirely the idea that any one religion can be the only true path other than for the individual and (I believe) that no individual or group has the right to try and impose their religion on others.


17. How do you feel about science?

Ambivalent. Science bores me. The unending search to understand everything. I am content to know THAT things work. I do not particularly want to know why or how


18. How do you feel modern Paganisms relate to ancient paganisms?

That it bears little or no resemblance. That modern paganism is but a poor and sanitised shadow of what it once was.

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