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Questionnaire response 24

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1. Name (optional): Lisa Deick


2. Age: 25


3. Nationality: Scottish


4. Gender: female


5. How would you explain your path to someone else with no knowledge of it?


I would say that I followed a nature based religion, focusing on earth and my environment, whilst understanding and appreciating what the ancients and our ancestors can teach us. I would say that I didn't "worship" God, although I believed that there definitely was a force that connects us all, that I wished to serve through my own free will. This force has both male and female qualities that I equally respect and wish to balance in my environment and my own body.

My path is Wicca.


6. How is your path expressed in practice?


Most important for me is personal responsiblity. I believe that the Goddess/God gave us free will and expected us to use it. The path I've chosen means I battle in myself between what is right and what is wrong every day. I do this to keep my body in balance and therefore tranquil and healthy. I meditate, I read tarot cards, I read everything I can about my religion and share my thoughts with others. I practice magic and invoke the elements, I protect myself with crystals and pray to my deities for healing and protection, understanding that I have an equal responsibility to them to look after the earth that I walk on. I recycle and re-use, and place offerings on my altar to the Gods.


7. How do you know if your practice is successful?


I am attuned enough with my space to feel postive energy around me and through me. Especially after magical workings, I feel a sense of great power and energy. When I do magic spells, for example a money spell, I simply see results which cannot be put down to coincidence. Also, when I ask the Gods or my loved ones who have passed on for messages, signs or help, this comes through to me in a very positive way.

The simple pleasure of going for a walk brings the world alive for me, and I love that Wicca is a religion that can bring such pleasure so personally. Being attuned to my environment is part of Wicca, and the pleasure I get from it means that I know it's successful!


8. Why have you chosen the particular path you are following?


As I've said before, because of personal responsibility. I have no-one to answer to but myself, which frees me from dogma and dependence on a higher force. I feel that I have 'chosen' to serve my deities in whichever positive way I please, and I know They are happy with me because of it.

I also feel that when I found Wicca I was in a sense "coming home", and the choice was incredibly easy to make.


9. What is your experience of otherworld beings? Could you give some examples.


I have seen fairies at Beltane, I believe they showed themselves to me to comfort me, as I was at a low point. They were buzzing around a plant which had taken part in my ritual.

When my boyfriend was in hospital, I felt angel wings accompany me through the corridor to his ward. I was feeling very panicky and even the smell of the floor cleaner was upsetting me, but as I pushed open the door a giant gust and a fluttering of reassurance walked with me. It was wonderful.

I have recieved other signs from angels - for example, I asked aloud that if I was to read tarot cards for people then I wanted to see a sign of a feather. I went into the shower and a soap flake which was a perfect imatation of a feather fell at my feet.

I have received messages also from those who have crossed over, and my spirit guides. (If you are to include these as otherworldly beings!)


10. How do you see your relationship with them?


With fairies, I believe that they have their own lives to lead and that they are not interested in pandering to humans! Therefore I largely leave them alone but would be delighted to see them again. I know that some fairies like to help humans, but I do not know enough about them and how to contact them myself. I also know that some fairies are very unpredictable and can be malevolent.

I would love to see angels and feel close to my guardian angel, who loves me unconditionally. I know that whenever I think of them they are near, and never judge my actions, only watch over and gently assist me.

I hope to develop my mediumship skills to contact and see those who have passed over.


11. How does your path relate to other areas of your life?


People tend to ask me for advice, and ask for tarot readings, which I am happy to do. I also have begun to eat more healthy with nicer food and to exercise my body, because it is a gift and should be looked after. I find that I am more tolerant towards others' beliefs and life experiences, and try not to judge as much as I would have before. I have taken an interest in Reiki healing and alternative remedies, and I like to share this information. I have definitely found that I am compassionate towards others and want to help people help themselves.


12. How do you see the relationship of life and death?


I believe that life is eternal and death is a lie. Once we leave the body that we currently inhabit, we pass on to the spirit world and have a life review and many chances to do things differently. Even though a person's body may be gone into the earth and they are not visible in this realm any more, they are still very much around us and care about us. If more people had this understanding I think that grief and depression, and the need to end our lives, would greatly diminish.


13. How do you see time?


Time is an abstract concept, but necessary to us humans in order to give our lives some structure. It allows us to have a past to bury, a present to live and a future to anticipate. Spirits do not have time and can zip around in no time at all, although it is something I am still thinking about.


14. How do you handle ideas of good and evil?


I don't believe that good and evil exist, only choices exist. We like to label things good and evil depending on how they relate to our own lives. This makes us judgemental and intolerant of our fellow humans. I believe there are only two states - love and fear. Calling someone evil means we fear them, wish to distance ourselves from them and de-humanise them. This takes our feeling of responsibity about the situation away from us, the thought of "what could I or themselves have done to make their life better?"


15. How do you view different spaces and objects in your practice or experience?


Circles are made of my own energy, or the earth's energy. It is a boundary of protection however you visualise them. The same with hedges and private spaces in this world, they are boundaries of personal meaning, either for the land or ourselves.

With metal, plastic and wood, and those objects made out of them (such as wands and cups)I see them as facilitating tools for my practice. They are important because they represent certain things to me, ie:

Cup: offering chalice, womb of the mother

Wand: directing power, phallus of the father


16. How do you feel about other religions?


I think that any way to reach the divine is good, because all the prayers and love are going to the same place. However, I object to other religions fostering a state of dependence within their followers and the removal of free will, replaced with guilt, sin and other horrible concepts. I struggle with this because Wicca encourages tolerance and acceptance of other religions! I believe that all religions have something to inspire us - although I also believe that spirituality has more to recommend it. I would like other religions to tell people to seek out the divine themselves, and within themselves and others.


17. How do you feel about science?


I believe it is equally important as spiritual practice, because it researches and cures disease, and has a great desire to help the world and the people in it. It also encourages us to look closer at our our environment, how it works and how we can save it. My only gripe is that some scientists are incredibly rational and dismissive of spiritual and divine beliefs.


18. How do you feel modern Paganisms relate to ancient paganisms?


Modern Paganism has taken the roots of ancient paganism and morphed them to fit into today's beliefs and concerns. It relates into ancient paganism in the same way that medicine has changed - the method might be different but the intention is the same. I feel sad that some of the old ways are now being lost or are misappropriated through unsuitable channels like the internet and dubious authors and "teachers".

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