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Questionnaire response 2

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1. Name (optional): -


2. Age: 46


3. Nationality: United States


4. Gender: female


5. How would you explain your path to someone else with no knowledge of it?


Eclectic Paganism, with Shamanistic and Hedge Witch leanings. I also study many Native American paths


6. How is your path expressed in practice?


I call the quarters and center, I call upon the Lady and the Lord. I also work with a lot of Spirit animals, and many totems. I use many herbs and plants in my workings, and have a close affinity with rocks.


7. How do you know if your practice is successful?


If the result happens, or if I get an answer.


8. Why have you chosen the particular path you are following?


It chose me.


9. What is your experience of otherworld beings? Could you give some examples.


I have two saber tooth cats as spirit helpers, and work with the Goddess as Mother Mammoth. I also have a wolf for a spirit helper, and a female deer, Doe, is my totem.


10. How do you see your relationship with them?


They are my protectors and companions.


11. How does your path relate to other areas of your life?


My faith is in all areas of my life. Being disabled, I'm in pain a lot of the time. Being able to run in my "dreams' with my spirit animals takes some of the pain away during my waking life.


12. How do you see the relationship of life and death?


We are born, we live our lives while learning the lessons we need to learn, we die and go to be with the Lord and Lady while we heal and go over our past life, we are born again.


13. How do you see time?


as a continous flowing river


14. How do you handle ideas of good and evil?


All energy is neutral. It is what it is used for that can be negative.


15. How do you view different spaces and objects in your practice or experience?


Don't understand this question


16. How do you feel about other religions?


As long as people are happy with their path, then that is what is important. Just don't try and push me into believing as you do!


17. How do you feel about science?


Science is how the Lord and Lady teach us about the world they have created!


18. How do you feel modern Paganisms relate to ancient paganisms?


We know more about how the world works. We no longer worship the lightening, for instance, because we know how it is created. We do, however, give credit for the lightening to the Lord and Lady.

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