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Pagan blogs

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Pagan blogs listing


  • Also known as Blog Valhalla, Blog Summerlands, Blog Tir nan Og, Blog Elysium (or other heaven of your choice).  
  • Be sure to check out MetaPagan, a collaboratively edited listing of blog and news stories about Pagans.
  • Join Project Pagan Enough and help make Paganism more tolerant.
  • Also, do check out the many articles on this wiki.  Not sure where to start?  Try Featured articles.



Blogs in English:  A to F - G to M - N to Z


Blogs in other languages



More Pagan blog listings




Podcasts & radio shows



And, in the spirit of interfaith, here are some non-Pagan blogs that are worth reading, for their general mystical and spiritual outlook on life.


Want to be added to this list?


Email me the URL and title of your blog, with a brief description of what it's about (e.g. your tradition / what you blog about the most). To be included, your blog's content should primarily be about Pagan-related issues, or be written from a Pagan perspective. If you're listed on here, it would be nice if you linked back to this page, preferably on the sidebar of your blog.


Linking back to this page


See the Banners page. Or you could just add a plain HTML link to http://pagantheologies.pbwiki.com/Pagan-blogs


How to add links in specific blogging software



We need more articles



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