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There are many misconceptions about Pagan ideas, especially Wiccan ideas (which have been so mangled by the spread of pop-wicca that sometimes even Wiccans aren't sure what we think).


The "Law of Threefold Return"


It is often claimed that this is an universal law which means that you will get back threefold what you give out. This is not supported by any statement in Gardner's Book of Shadows. In the second degree rite, there is an instruction to return good threefold whenever you receive good, but in no way does it imply that this is something that happens automatically; it is something you are required actively to do.


An it harm none, do what thou wilt (If it harms no-one, do what you will)


This is often dismissed because the first part (if it harms no-one) is impossible to achieve; but that is precisely the point. It is impossible to harm no-one, therefore you can't just do what you want.




It is often suggested that because Wicca focusses on two specific deities, that this means Wicca is duotheistic. This is not necessarily the case. Most Wiccans are polytheist, or believe that the nature of the divine realm is ultimately unknowable and it's all a matter of perspective.


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