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Page history last edited by PBworks 16 years, 2 months ago
Fluffy   Non-fluffy
  • Believing in, or referring to, the Burning Times
  • Believing that 9 million women were killed in "The Burning Times"
  • Thinking that Paganism is a fertility religion
  • Thinking that devotion to a specific deity is the way to "do Paganism"
  • Excessive reliance on crystals, white light, and all that sort of thing
  • Excessive reliance on Goth couture to look witchy
  • Pretending that you know for a fact what the exact nature of divine reality is, whether you are a duotheist, polytheist (soft or hard), polymorphist, monist, pantheist, animist, or whatever
  • Assuming all Pagans celebrate the eight Wiccan sabbats
  • Assuming that Wicca and Paganism are synonymous
  • Claiming to speak for all Pagans on any topic whatever
  • Not knowing that chakras come from Hinduism
  • believing in the idea that all the significant points on the map can be joined up like a dot-to-dot puzzle to make a giant network of ley lines (such as the Michael and Mary Line), even though the said monuments were built several centuries, and in some cases millennia, apart.
  • Uncritically accepting auras, the astral plane, and other Theosophical concepts (whilst being totally unaware that they derive from Theosophy)
  • Christian-bashing (fundie-bashing is allowed)
  • Reading only books published by Llewellyn, especially ones with "faery" in the title
  • Being aware that the witch persecutions were not (except in the case of Seidr-men) perpetrated against actual Pagans or witches
  • Being aware that the population of Europe wasn't large enough for that many to be killed (and some of the victims of the witch persecutions were men)
  • Being aware that fertility is overrated in an over-populated world
  • Being aware that there are many paths and many goals (and some paths without goals...)
  • Using whatever you found down the back of the sofa
  • Wearing your own individual taste in clothes
  • Being aware that some Pagans are polytheists
  • Being aware that different traditions have different festivals
  • Being aware that there are many different traditions followed by contemporary Pagans
  • Being aware that there are different perspectives on many issues among contemporary Pagans
  • Being aware of the issues of cultural appropriation
  • Er... not believing in a giant network of leylines 
  • Being aware of sources of concepts and ideas
  • Knowing the difference between different strands of Christian thought
  • Having read Ronald Hutton and other academic works on Paganism(s)


Additional suggestions


From Mevennen

  • Fluffy is...
    • believing that one is actually an elf
    • believing that the Celts were a gentle matriarchal culture who formed training schools around the Glastonbury area
    • adopting a magical name by which you wish to be called all the time, and often involving the words 'Lady', 'Pixie' or 'Moonflower.' Or if Gothic: 'Raven.'
    • believing that all herbal preparations are by definition good for you.
    • believing in Atlantis as a fact


From wild_heart:

  • Fluffy: lumping Heathens and Pagans into the same broad category
  • Non-fluffy: Not only using what you find down in the sofa cushions, but using it when the need arises, not when the astrological events line up according to some ivory tower dwelling long-dead pundit.


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