Female occultists

Margot Adler (Wicca)

Louisa May Alcott (Unitarian / Transcendentalist)

Alice Bailey (Theosophy)  

Annie Besant (Theosophy)

Elena Petrovna Blavatsky (Theosophy)

Eleanor Bone (Wicca)

Emma Hardinge Britten (Spiritualism, Theosophy, OTO)

Zsuzsanna Budapest (Feminist Witchcraft)

Mary Cardell  (Witchcraft) 

Christina of Sweden (Alchemy)

Sandra Tabatha Cicero (Golden Dawn)

Bridget Cleary (Witchcraft)

Ithell Colquhoun (Golden Dawn)

Isabel Cooper-Oakley (Theosophy)

Ida Craddock (OTO) - 1857-1902

Vivianne Crowley (Wicca)

Patricia Crowther (Wicca)

Dafo (Wicca)

Helen Duncan (Witchcraft)

Biddy Early (Witchcraft)

Florence Farr (Golden Dawn)

Janet Farrar (Wicca)

Morgan le Fay (Witchcraft)

Dion Fortune (Golden Dawn)

Maud Gonne (Golden Dawn)

Alison Harlow (Feri Tradition)

Fiona Horne (Wicca) 

Annie Horniman (Golden Dawn)

Georgie Hyde-Lees (Golden Dawn)

Anodea Judith (Feri Tradition) 

Anna Kingsford (Theosophy)

Sybil Leek (Witchcraft)

Moina Mathers (Golden Dawn)

Dolores Northaka Madeline Montalban (Order of the Morning Star)

Dorothy Morrison (Witchcraft)

Rosaleen Norton (Witchcraft)

Maxine Sanders (Wicca)

Pamela Colman Smith (Golden Dawn)

Anna Sprengel (legendary Golden Dawn founder)

Starhawk (Reclaiming)

P L Travers

Doreen Valiente (Wicca)  

Various Wiccan founders - Doreen Valiente, Patricia Crowther, Eleanor Bone, Lois Bourne, Dafo, Monique Wilson, Dayonis, Donna Gardner, Barbara Vickers


Female members of the Golden Dawn


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