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A discourse is a paradigm, a collection of ideas, a linguistic frame of reference, a way of speaking about something.


Some pervasive Pagan discourses


  • We are all incredibly oppressed ("the Burning Times")
  • Tradition means something that has not changed since the beginning of time
  • Folklore and folk customs come only from the countryside and have remained static for ever
  • People who live in the country are automatically more connected to the earth
  • Paganism means never having to say you're sorry (because we threw out the rule book)
  • All men are bastards (and patriarchy is all their fault)
  • All Pagan women are ball-breaking feminists who want to (re)introduce matriarchy
  • The Great Mother Goddess was worshipped in the Stone Age throughout Old Europe
  • Correspondences are like a magical telephone number for the gods (I actually heard someone say this)
  • Wiccan ethics means an explanation of the Wiccan Rede
  • Wiccan theology means an explanation of "The God and The Goddess" TM
  • The main polarity of the cosmos is male + female


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