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What is a god / goddess?


  • Types of deities and spirits:
    • Forces of nature personified (storm gods etc.)
    • Moral qualities personified (Justice, Nemesis, Fortune)
    • Spirits of place (river goddesses, city goddesses, wights, genii loci)
    • Deified heroes and heroines
    • Syncretised deities
    • Pantheons
    • Household gods
    • Elementals
    • Familiars
    • Nature spirits (elves, fairies, satyrs, fauns, etc.)


Theological debates


  • Are these entities real external phenomena or merely internal psychological states?
  • Do they have personality?
  • How fixed or fluid are they?
  • Are 'equivalent' deities from different pantheons the same deity with a different name, or a different deity? (e.g. Thor, Indra, Perkunas, Taranis)
  • Do they have gender?
  • Pantheism, panentheism, monism, polytheism, duotheism or monotheism?
  • What is the difference between a god and a wight?
  • How do deities interact with humans?
  • Why would they be interested in us?


Articles about specific deities




The Nature of the Gods


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