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  • Goddess of Liberty - focusing on issues of democracy from a Pagan perspective.
  • Goddessing - Goddess Religion: Pagan Blog
  • Go Out Beneath the Naked Night - Hedgehogging dirt-worshipper seeks sustainability. 
  • Grove of the Ancients Blog - Writings from 3 pagans on various topics ranging from what has annoyed them on any given day to how a particular herb is used.
  • Hal Duncan - SF author, steeped in mythology
  • Hawk's Cry - Exploring various aspects of witchcraft, magic and religion from a multi-traditional perspective
  • heima - the madness of an over-caffeinated modern witch on a creative bender and a penchant for wearing too much black
  • Heathen Ranter - essays, poems, and rants about Northern European heathenism
  • Heathen thinking
  • Hecate - Undermining the Patriarchy Every Chance I Get -- And I Get a Lot of Chances
  • Hedge Raven - Journey of a Hedge Witch. Art, Music, Home, and Life.
  • HR Mitchell - Yet another blog (Herb McSidhe on Livejournal)
  • Icinia - Pagan musings
  • Immanence: Ecoculture, Geophilosophy, Mediapolitics - The blog of Adrian Ivakhiv, scholar of environmental cultural studies and philosophy in a pagan-ish spirit.
  • Inciting a RiotLIGHTING A FIRE UNDER COMFORTABLE THINKING. Home of Project Pagan Enough 
  • Indecisive Peach - If you don’t know where you’re going, you don’t have to know how to get there.
  • Infinite Possibility - life with a spirit companion from a Thelemic mystic's perspective
  • International Year of Polytheism (Monochrom) - art project
  • Into the Mound - The blog of Ian Corrigan, long-time Pagan, bard, and ritualist. The topics tend to focus on modern Druidism (Ian works with ADF), especially the more occult aspects, magick and occultism generally, and Pagan theology, and is spiced with pop culture and Lovecraftian interests.
  • In the Spirit of Chaos - religion, spirituality and life, with a bit of humor thrown in just for fun
  • Isaac & Phaedra Bonewits - Pagan/Druid musings
  • Ivy Moon - musings of a moonstruck witch
  • J.Brad Hicks - Hellenic Reconstructionist Pagan
  • James Butler (Synesis) - Pagan/Wiccan philosophising
  • Janet Callahan - As an author and priestess, Janet writes about her path, and about other things in the Pagan community, with a focus on Modern American Polytheism, Women's Circles, and the meaning of community among Pagans.
  • Jaspenelle Stewart - a child of nature
  • journal of a would-be pagan monastic
  • Julia Kilmer - witch and writer
  • J.V Krakowski | A Witch Online - The personal blog of an American Witch, sharing experiences, knowledge and even advice; promoting diversity and individuality.
  • Kallisti - An apple in pandemonium provides book reviews, examples of personal practice, and commentary, centering on the religion of Hellenic Polytheism.
  • Knotty by Nature - musings of a witch
  • Labyrinth: A Pagan Blog - practitioner of  Wicca and Buddhism
  • LaSara Firefox - witch, writer, sexual (r)evolutionary 
  • Little Heathen Fox - ninjitsu practising, Dr. Pepper drinking, dirt loving, mountain hiking, snowboarding, weapon selling, wool knitting, book reading, tree hugging, home cooking, garden growing, PC gaming, prose writing, semi-domesticated celtic worshiping pagan military spouse.
  • Living Reciprocity -  a journal devoted to the everyday spiritual warriors who surround us, and also a blog about pagan business.  James "TwoSnakes" Stovall is an Altomesayoq (preist) in the Peruvian Q'ero (Inka) traditions as taught by Mateyo Empie. He has been a pagan for many years, works with several underworld entities including Veles of the Slavic Traditions, and recently has begun working with Eris. 
  • Liz Williams - Pagan (Druid) SF author
  • The Lodge Yggdrasill's Blog is primarily reserved for posting Pagan Community Events (in and around the Twin Cities, MN), and for insight and information to the healing properties of stones and minerals. 
  • Lover of Strife - A character from the epic Mabinogion, whose tendency to bash heads first and ask questions later leads to a terrible war between England and Ireland. Also, a modern-day, kind of high-maintenance, very male Witch living in Houston, TX. He can often be found not keeping his mouth shut and taking creative liberties with What Really Happened.
  • Lupa's pagan book review blog
  • M. Macha NightMare - the Broomstick Chronicles - Notes from the Broomstick Circuit — and Beyond.   Musings on a variety of topics from a Pagan perspective by one of the founders of Reclaiming Tradition Craft (which has morphed into something almost unrecognizable to her at the present), (Anderson) Faery/Feri initiate, and Witch at Large.  Have broom will travel.
  • MacRaven - Musings, Reflections, Rants and Comments from a Hoosier Heathen husband, father, grandfather, farmer and software engineer.
  • The Mad Angry Pagannews and current events of interest to Pagans, humour, some Wicca 101 information and the occasional rant
  • Magical Experiments - about magical practice
  • Magic in these hills - ancient paganism and neopaganism, witchcraft, folk magic, wildlife and the natural world
  • Manifold Oneness - primarily about Pagan theology.  It's written from the monist point of view and the working motto is "Neither monotheist nor Hard-Polytheist, Spirit is Infinite Consciousness.  Godhead is simultaneously one and many and is manifest throughout the natural world."
  • Mattole - a young Pagan artist.  Awesome
  • Meadowsweet and Myrrh - contemplations and practice of a Christian on the Druid path
  • Medusa Coils - Fiercely defending, bravely exploring Goddess and spiritual feminisms
  • Melissa Gira - the sacred whore
  • Merry Meet - a Celtic Universalist Pagan on the solitary path. Essentially, I am a universalist but identify and connect with the world through a Celtic path in both traditional and nontraditional terms.
  • MetaPagan - a collaboratively edited listing of blog posts and other news by and about Pagans and Heathens
  • Minnesota Pagans - views and resources from "Paganistan" - a shared blog by and for Minnesota (and upper midwest) pagans.
  • Mogg Morgan - Pagan magical publisher and practitioner
  • Morgaine - a blog of Pagan artworks by the author
  • Morgaine's Kitchen Witchery - a solitary practitioner, a Druid, and an earth-lover whose blog contains life lessons from a Pagan perspective, discusses matters of Pagan parenting, ethics and spiritual growth. 
  • Moon Maiden Art - Pagan & Goddess Themed Art

  • Mrs Morrison's Hotel (Patricia Kennealy Morrison) - author, Celtic priestess, retired rock critic, wife of Jim
  • My Alchemy - a southern pagan living in Central Florida; she is eco-minded and her spiritual path has a British Traditional slant. She is also an avid Tarot card reader and coffee roasting enthusiast.
  • Mythology Blog: Between Old and New Moons - enjoys reading and studying mythology, and is currently working with myth through meditation to try to reconnect with his spiritual self.
  • My Wiccan Life - happily married, professional woman in Maine with a passion for Wicca


A to F - N to Z - Pagan blogs home


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