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The Ten Laws of Bitchcraft

Extract from the Liber Vitriolis, transliterated by Enigmata the Chaos Mage.


Hear now the words of the Great Goddess Sturra, She Who Brings Chaos and Discord:

1. Let no vows of spiritual attainment deter ye from stirring, power- mongering or backstabbing ~ though thou art a Servant of the Old Gods thou art not better than a humble fishwife, but should merely pretend to be so.

2. Should thou hear a slanderous or malign rumour, pass it on quickly before thy conscience has a chance to kick in.

3. Should thine own behaviour be called into question, start maligning others till the heat dieth down.

4. Take ye the moral high ground when condemning the real or imagined vices of others. 'Tis lonely up there, but thine own vices are less likely to be noticed.

5. As ye carp and bitch behind the scenes, shout ye loudly in public of Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.

6. If thou start a rumour, change it not midstream for others may notice and suspect thy veracity.

7. Know ye that half-truths are always more convincing than outright lies.

8. If ye must lie outright, make it a big one.

9. If caught out, claim ye a simple misunderstanding and blame another.

10. Lastly, know now that ye should never, ever bitch about one who is bigger or nastier than thee ~ for they may be sorely vexed by it, and kick in thy teeth. -- http://ipc.paganearth.com/diaryarticles/humour/bitch.html


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