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"Political correctness"

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The term PC is primarily used as a pejorative term to refer to inclusive language.


Of course it's great to be polite to other people, and not use derogatory terms about them; but sometimes this process goes so far as to avoid actually discussing controversial issues; or can be used sarcastically.  Sometimes people pay lip service to equal opportunities and politically correct language, without bothering to find out what people among minorities really want or need.  Sometimes people are persecuted for something (like having ginger hair or being left-handed) that doesn't fit into one of the main categories of persecution, and so their suffering is not taken seriously.


I used to get people saying to me "Oh I suppose I can't wish you a Happy Easter" (because I'm a Pagan) until I pointed out that Easter is probably Pagan in origin and is calculated by finding the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring Equinox.  I also put up a calendar of the festivals of all religions in the tea room.  I also told them that they could wish me a Happy whatever, but I'd prefer them to either wish me a happy Christian festival, or find out what and when my festivals are.


"I hope that there will be a day that there is no need for anything to be “politically correct”. I hope that my future children, if I decide not to home school them, never come across such a politically correct teacher. For, even though politically correct terminology is created to not discriminate, it does just that. It makes people stand out, like they cannot be addressed in a normal way. As if they are that much different from the “normal people”. It singles people out and brings them to the attention of others who would further discriminate them. Use the term “Witch” comfortably and respectfully. Show us that you are being sincere and perhaps even friendly. Let us know that you accept us for who we are, and not for some politically correct, cookie cutter mold". -- Fairy Writer


Being politically correct isn't so politically correct by Fairy Writer

Wikipedia article on political correctness


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